About Us

Japan Malaysia Association (JMA) was established to serve the public interest by fostering the friendship between the two countries under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1956. The organization was later turned into a public interest corporation in 2013, and now is authorized by the prime minister of Japan. JMA is run by the board of directors composed of 13 directors and 3 auditors chaired by Takakazu Ogawa, Chief Director, and is a non-profit organization fully supported by the private donation with no public funding.

For its achievements, JMA received the Foreign Minister’s commendation in July 2013 and Environtment Minister’s commendation in December 2013. JMA was awarded by the Emperor of Japan November 2017.


The goal of JMA is to engage the people of Japan and Malaysia in establishing a better relationship for the future between the two countries, and to do so, we are operating mainly in four areas
Friendship Exchange
Tree Planting
If you wish to be part of these missions, please contact us or help us through donation.