Water Supply Project Kicks Off in Sarawak

The Japan Malaysia Association is pleased to announce a new project to improve the lives and water environment in the state of Sarawak.  With the aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, JMA will implement the three-year project aimed to provide the stable water supply to 4 villages that are helping our reforestation projects in the area.


The new water supply project will start from improving the access road to the water source, then proceed to building the small dam and the water pipe to villages.  The dialogue with the government and villages as well as the maintenance training will also be conducted.   The entire project is expected to complete in 3 years by March 2024 (tentatively), and includes planting trees to preserve water catchment area, conducting life improvement program such as vegetable and fruits cultivation and traditional snack making at villages, organizing cooperatives for sustainability, and conducting educational programs on environment and sanitation at villages and schools in surrounding area.


We hope that we can contribute towards improving the lives of the communities and restoring the forests in Sarawak as well as enhancing the friendly relationship between Malaysia and Japan through this project.